Global Network


In July 2015, DAERYU established a factory and a local Corporation in Qingdao, China, and has established a production system to carry out direct business there. The Chinese people’s interest and demand for health care is increasing, and DAERYU’s technology and product excellence have been recognized and successfully entered China


DAERYU entered Malaysia in December 2015. Malaysia, along with China, is showing a lot of interest in Korean health business, plastic surgery and beauty due to the influence of the Korean culture. Malaysia, health care products from DAERYU, which boasts the highest quality, are receiving favorable reviews.


DAERYU participated in the 76th CMEF in ShenChen, China, for three nights and four days from October 29 to November 1. Recently, the popularity and interest of personal low-frequency stimulators is increasing in China. CUROMI(DRP-100) products, especially developed with DAERYU’s independent research and technology, received great attention from Chinese buyers and were able to sign a $200,000 contract on the spot.

Russia, India and Brazil are also actively advancing into the world as they are recognized technologies of DAERYU